"Let the beauty we love be what we do."

-Ram Dass

Series classes are beneficial because they foster commitment to regular practice, a sense of connection through community and create a greater possibility for transformation. I believe in teaching series classes because I myself have found that I thrive in this kind of environment both as a student and teacher. Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to get to a yoga class with all that we have to do in our very “busy” lives. When I first started yoga, it was the series type classes including immersions & teacher trainings that changed my practice and left me hungry for more. Of course there is always the driving force of committing to something when you pay ahead of time, but that is just the beginning. Signing up for an 8-10 week yoga series is like giving yourself a sweet gift of a mini weekly retreat. We then commit to that time for yoga and usually hold it as sacred. I witness a really special community connection that forms when a group of 20 or so students come together for 10 weeks, it is like we are all on a journey together, supporting each other to be the best versions of ourselves we can be while honoring all aspects of ourselves along the way. Another bonus is that the teacher can progressively teach the postures deepening the practice over the weeks so that students can make progress in a systematic and evolutionary way. And finally, there is usually an overarching theme for the series whether from yogic scripture, myths and stories or a cool contemporary book that carries the teaching (for both teacher and students) from beginning to end and is woven throughout. Do consider joining a series class at OSYB, the feedback from the students is really positive and affirming and honestly it is pretty darn fun - like going to a yoga party with good friends.