"However men try to reach me,
I return their love with my love;
Whatever path they may travel,
It leads to me in the end"

-Bhagavad Gita

It was always the following: an open door, an open mind, and an open heart.  And though I do not walk through that door very often, I know it is always there.

Mary McLaughlin

The barn feels like a train on a unknown journey,  we all can get on and off whenever we feel like it. OSBY feels like it will have an offering of various educational and growth opportunities for our taking, as we choose.

Kiran Nangia

To me, OSYB is: A place of solace from the stress of everyday life and a place where what is important is not how I do/do not look or what I do/do not have, but rather who I am. The cornerstone of the personal transformation I am in the midst of – from a life… Read more “Amy Roman”

Amy Roman

Gisele is a master. She creates a space that is warm, inviting, nurturing and transformative. With an open heart and mind, she shapes new possibilities for all who enter her world. Her smile, her wisdom and her beautiful way of leading gets you in touch with something deep inside yourself that you did not realize… Read more “Patrick Yardley”

Patrick Yardley

“Open Sky yoga barn is a hidden treasure tucked away  in the middle of nature. This  sanctuary created by Cathy Whelehan is such  a wonderful place of peace to practice, to learn, to meditate , to experience musical and spiritual performances as well as yoga series and educational films. The yoga series is such a… Read more “Dottie DeLuca, owner of Fleur De Lis”

Dottie DeLuca

From the moment you enter the sanctuary that Gisele has created for the restorative yoga session you feel as if you have come home to a place of peace and calm and are ready to deepen this sense of restoring with her guidance.  Gisele brings a fully open heart in combination with her expert knowledge of restorative… Read more “Donna”

As a community, we at Open Sky Yoga Barn create sacred space together, allowing each of us to rediscover the Divine spark of light within ourselves and witness it unfolding in one another. Through the different practices of yoga, we reach for and embody what is true, good, and beautiful in life, taking this off the… Read more “Linda Lubin, Enlightened Coaching”

It speaks to me of connected spirit – I find that each person I meet at yoga I connect to on some level, with the commonality that we are each working on ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically.  I love to be part of the unfolding, evolving and expansion of this community.

Kathy Grose

Open Sky Yoga Barn means turning away from the unrelenting chatter in my head and the pressure of the life I’ve made to reassess my intentions.  It means time and space and calm enough to sense hidden possibilities.  It means learning to be a humble student.  It means relaxing habits of mind so that I… Read more “Sarah P”

Sarah P

I have felt carried spiritually many times, and have benefited from trying to return some of that support to the others within the community.  The Barn is our place to connect and leave behind some of the usual trappings of our day to day worlds.

Kate Hauser

My experience of the OSYB Community is what I always dreamed of warm, safe, inviting, open, kind, growing and expansive.

Charlotte Siddiqui

Open Sky Yoga provides a loving environment where I can stretch my body, open my heart, and transcend self imposed limitations. I feel safe trying new things AND I feel safe falling on my asana when things don’t quite work out. This is not something that occurs only on the mat, but permeates my life.

Anne Potter