"Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there"

-Ram Dass

Cathy Whelehan

Cathy is first and foremost a student of life, love and connection. She is most passionate about supporting students to develop personal practices that assist individual transformation and planetary evolution. Her yoga classes emphasize sound therapeutic alignment, integration with the cycles of nature and celebration of the heart. Cathy is genuine, passionate and playful - teaching out of her own life experience from the most authentic places within her, she inspires others to connect more deeply with their own heart, vulnerability and greatness.  She strives to communicate with honesty and clarity, and is dedicated to creating an open, supportive and sacred space for students of all ages and abilities. Teaching of many varieties throughout the years has taught her patience, keen observation, and deep compassion. Cathy began practicing yoga twenty years ago during her first pregnancy in 1996 simply because she wanted to feel better and found that it helped her reconnect with her body. She has been teaching yoga for 10 years and has over 1,000 hours of training  in Ashaya, Anusara and various therapeutic modalities.

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Laura Young Kilkenny

Laura Young Kilkenny is a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2008. She uses effective alignment to avoid injury, heal, and open your body, and incorporates pranayama and meditation to offer a comprehensive practice - so that whether you come to your mat for the physical release of a deep stretch, for the mental and emotional release of stress, or to find a connection to something much bigger than yourself, the yoga always meets you where you are. Laura believes mindful engagement of breath and body in your yoga practice is a reflection of your intention, and how we build the poses in our practice can be seen as a metaphor for the spiritual journey we’re on.

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Rick Quintanal

Rick is a lifelong drummer and has recently come to healing work, although his music has always held a healing element. His sessions are extremely compassionate as he assists you to a very deep level of awareness and peace. Rick majored in music at the University of California at San Jose, studied drums with Maestro Eugene Graves, Anthony Cirone ( principle percussionist with the San Francisco symphony), and Chuck Brown ( leading S.F. Bay area teacher whose students include Terry Bozzio and David Garibaldi )...

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Cynthia Quintanal

Cynthia has been channeling sound and energy for more than 20 years in her private healing practice. She has been connected to spirit guides from an early age and has been writing poetry from that time to the present. Both Cynthia and Rick are attuned Reiki Masters and have backgrounds as professional musicians. Their goal in giving these concerts is to expose the truth and beauty of who each person truly is by aligning them to their highest vibration.

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Miriam Zernis

Miriam Zernis (Sita) is an internationally certified Classical Yoga Master of the Sivananda lineage, who has been practicing for over 20 years. Her open level class style is simple and informative for students to enjoy not only the physical benefits yoga has to offer, but to also explore evolving on the spiritual and emotional levels. She has logged over 1000 hours of yoga training to date in the US, Canada and India and has taught yoga, breath work,  meditation, yogic philosophy and mantra chanting at yoga studios and yoga teacher training programs in Westchester and Fairfield Counties since 2001..

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Liz Wendel

“It is a journey every time we step onto our mats.” Liz’s journey into yoga began in 1999 when she stepped into her first yoga class. Since then she has studied Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu and Anusara traditions. Liz was certified in 2006 and has since completed trainings in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga. Liz's class leaves you feeling refreshed, nourished and inspired. She teaches her students to make choices that bring less stress and more joy into their lives. She has learned through her studies and practice that each day, each breath, each moment is how we establish ourselves on our path...

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Silvana Perelli

Silvana teaches Qoya at OSYB. Qoya incorporates dance, yoga and energy clearing practices to help you get out of your head and into your body. There’s no way to do it wrong – so no dance experience (or coordination) is necessary to enjoy this beautiful practice. Qoya is an invitation to let movement be your medicine as we gather in sacred space. You will journey within to reconnect with your divine feminine, access your inner wisdom, and reconnect with your intuition. Oprah calls Qoya “a sweaty form of enlightenment”.  Come join our circle!


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Gisele Mogan

Gisele came to the United States from Canada in 2010 with her husband to explore new opportunities. Previously, Gisele was a French teacher and now continues to infuse her passion for yoga with her love of teaching. She is a certified yoga teacher through the 200 hour training at Yoga Works in New York City. After discovering the benefits of Restorative Yoga, Gisele was inspired to delve more deeply with trainings for this soothing and nurturing practice which promotes healing on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She has completed intensive Restorative Yoga trainings in Toronto and New York City. She has also completed additional advanced training in Children’s Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Energy Healing. Gisele is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and is also studying the healing energy of crystals under the mentorship of Donna Renzetti...

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Nancy Schur

Nancy is in love with yoga! She has been practicing for 17 years and marvels at its ability to continually transform her life. Having studied landscape architecture and worked as a landscape designer, she’s a naturalist, believing your connection with nature to be a guiding principle in seeking harmony of the mind and body. “We are natural beings and our outside world deeply influences our constitution and daily rhythms.”

Teaching from an open and honest perspective her yoga is real and practical, focusing on the important things: breathing, movement, alignment, balancing flexibility with strength, and developing a clear awareness of what’s going on within and around you. Nancy’s passion for yoga ensures a living breathing practice that is never separate from one’s everyday life, a fertile ground of balance, harmony and continual discovery of the true Self as a treasured gift. Her classes welcome beginner to advanced students and are truly a yoga accessible to everyone.

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Alison DeNicola

Alison DeNicola is a yoga and meditation teacher from the Kripalu tradition. She is a certified Five Element Yoga Teacher and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher with Jennifer Reis Yoga, Aromayoga Teacher through Tracey Griffin and Life Energy Institute and has certifications in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky and Chakra Coaching and Therapy with Anodea Judith. In addition, Alison has studied shamanic reiki healing, belief work, hypnotherapy, integrative energy therapy and theta healing with amazing teachers far and wide. She is the author of Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body and Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements deck and book sets published by U.S. Games Systems Inc. as well as Yoga Dogs and Yoga Cats card and book sets coming in 2017.

Her passion is to bring the energy of peace, healing and connection to all of those she meets on and off the mat.

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Joanne Keane

JoJo Keane is a JourneyDance instructor, Yoga teacher and Energy healer. She runs Journey Dance workshops that take you on a personal healing journey. You will access more bliss & joy in your body & mind. Transforming habits & stuck conditions instantly into new neurological patterns to transform and move you to evolve. JoJo is dedicated to pushing the boundaries to maximizing our potential and squeeze the most juice out of this life! Helping clients maximize creativity as well as therapeutic uses including trauma relief, eating disorders & additions.


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Janet Schroeder

Janet brings a special therapeutic touch to her yoga classes. She will be offering a series of Saturday morning classes at OSYB designed specifically for pain issues that will combine a 3-dimensional approach to alignment, yoga therapeutics, positional release and myofascial release. She hold’s a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Neurosomatic Therapist. She is the owner of Integrated Pain and Stress Relief in Bethel and has over 30 years experience as a bodyworker and yoga teacher.

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