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"Early on in my musical path it came to me that one of my main artistic promptings was to play music that allowed people to feel how beautiful they are. This realization came in my early twenty's. Now decades later that initial prompting has brought me onto this wonderful path of Sound Healing. I could not have imagined then that I would be playing Crystal bowls with my beautiful wife, and through those sounds, percussive rhythms, beautiful melodies and words help enable the listener and myself to attune to the higher self, the true source of our eternal beauty. Life is an interesting journey, and I am grateful to be at this point, and am looking forward to what lies ahead on this magical path."
Rick is a lifelong drummer and has recently come to healing work, although his music has always held a healing element. His sessions are extremely compassionate as he assists you to a very deep level of awareness and peace.

Rick majored in music at the University of California at San Jose, studied drums with Maestro Eugene Graves, Anthony Cirone ( principle percussionist with the San Francisco symphony), and Chuck Brown ( leading S.F. Bay area teacher whose students include Terry Bozzio and David Garibaldi ). He was an assistant teacher in Chucks studio for 5 years. He has been teaching for over 30 years.

Rick performed and toured with The Don Ellis Orchestra, George Duke, John Klemmer, Kenny Rankin, and Jorge Santanas' Malo, and has worked in both the L.A. and San Francisco recording scene with various artists, and is currently performing in Connecticut with Crystal Cymbalogy, Otis and the Hurricanes, and Terra Coda.

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