Midsummer Magic Retreat


Midsummer Magic Retreat

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With Midsummer approaching the time is now to renew our intentions and reignite the fire within. In this special workshop we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice and using this energy to manifest our dreams and desires. As the sun rises to its highest point in the sky we are reminded of our own radiance and power to create the lives we were born to live.

Join Silvana Perelli to harness the light and warmth of the season to cook up some magic and come back into balance.

Our day together will mirror Midsummer. In the morning we will honor the energy + radiance of the Sun and in the afternoon we will honor the extending nights and the power of Dreamtime + Magic.

In this magical one-day retreat we will reconnect to the Light within using ritual and creativity. You’ll leave feeling nourished on every level and with a variety of tools to help support your deepest wish for yourself.

The structure of the day is intentionally kept a secret. This is an opportunity for you to take a step into the unknown, trusting you will be supported in every way. Some of our activities will include crafting candle magic, creating amulets, and so much more!