Coming Home to Love Mini Retreat


Coming Home to Love




Connect with your true essence, and
experience yourself as Love through:
~ Restorative Postures
~ Healing Sound Immersion
~ Powerful Energy Healing
~ Relaxing Guided Meditation

Isn’t it time for you to rest and nourish yourself? To truly look after your wonderful self
away from the same old routines? We invite you to shake up your life a little, step
outside of your to-do lists… come and relax, renew, and have some fun in a beautiful,
soulful community of women.

Gisele is a certified yoga teacher,
specializing in restorative postures,
sound healing, and is also a Reiki

Rachel is an artist and an energy healer, certified in
Pilates, Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
hypnosis, accessing the Akashic Records, and is a
Journey practitioner.