Come experience a unique concert with Crystal Cymbalogy.

Sound Healers Cynthia and Rick Quintanal provide special concert events you wont want to miss. With backgrounds in Music and the Healing Arts, Cynthia and Rick play original compositions using Crystal and Tibetan bowls, drums, voice and original poetry all composed in the moment. Each concert event is unique in that they will connect to the energies and guides present and channel sound for each person who attends. There is nothing you need to do but relax and enjoy the sound and the journey. Crystal Cymbalogy takes the listener on a journey that is at once meditative, grounding and soul tapping.
Cynthia has been channeling sound and energy for more than 20 years in her private healing practice. She has been connected to spirit guides from an early age and has been writing poetry from that time to the present. Both Cynthia and Rick are attuned Reiki Masters and have backgrounds as professional musicians. Their goal in giving these concerts is to expose the truth and beauty of who each person truly is by aligning them to their highest vibration.

4 times each year on the Equinox and Solstice’s Crystal Cymbalogy joins with the full band which includes professional musicians form the area. Known members are Dave Anderson on bass, John Marshall on percussion and Karl Spicer on Shakuhachi, flute and bass. These celebrations include ceremonial aspects of opening directions to create an alter space to play on for all in attendance and have also been known to include fire ceremony, water ceremony and blessings.
Cynthia usually receives a “download” from guides to share at each of these events as well. Future concerts will include movement and “living mandala” work for healing ourselves and the planet.