• Believe 1st half3:29
  • If Only you Believe0:00
  • Om Nama Shivia0:00

"only from the heart can you touch the sky." 



"The OSYB Community is bar none the most loving, supportive, accepting & encouraging.  

When I come to class I feel I belong.  It is not exclusive or competitive."  

Saba Quraishi, Early Childhood Teacher & Mother of 4

"Open Sky Yoga Barn is a place of solace from the stress of everyday life and a place where what is important is not how I do  or do not look or what I do or do not have, but rather who I am.  It is the cornerstone of the transformation I am in the midst of from a life centered around goal-oriented, ego-driven corporate life to one which acknowledges who I truly am - encouraging me and giving me strength to continue on this as yet unclear but evolving path.  When I walk out, I am always stronger than when I walked in because it helps me to reconnect with my real self and what is truly meaningful in my life.  I feel this makes me a better person for my family and anyone else with whom I interact."  Amy Roman, Marketing Director